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Hi! My name is Ed Adair. You can call me Ed. Welcome to my website! My goal here is to provide products, information, and services that will make your guitar play better, your amp sound better, and get your gear ready for the gig. 

I've been involved in the technical end of music production since 1979. I started as a kid playing guitar in bands with friends, learning guitar parts by ear and wearing out the grooves on my UFO and Aerosmith records! I've worked as a stagehand and audio tech, but my career took an unbelievable turn when I was introduced to Carlos Santana in 1988. I served as his personal technician from 1988 to 1995 and then again from 2003 to 2018. I learned a lot, traveled the world, met some great musicians, and made some great friends during those years. Now, after 30 years of touring, I have decided to try my hand at something different. 

I hope that you enjoy your experience here and that I can be of service to you, just as I was of service to Carlos, for many years.

Whether it's troubleshooting a technical issue that you may be having, discussing your guitar system and possible improvements, building custom cable assemblies and exploring signal routing solutions, or addressing any number of guitar specific issues, I'm available here to assist you!

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I offer built to order, custom length and termination, cables and amplifier interconnect systems for the electric guitarist. Let's work together and get it right! 

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Please take a minute and think about the one thing that gives you the biggest headache on the gig. Let's see if I can help.